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Dental Fee’s

The Dental Surgery offers a payment plan for costly treatment items and can spread the expense of treatment over convenient weekly or monthly payments. It is our priority that patients get the treatment they need and we are happy to arrange payment for patients in accordance with their budget. Our dentists will be happy to discuss payment plans with you when discussing your treatment needs.

Medical Card Patients:

The Dental Treatment Services Scheme allows all medical card holders access to an annual examination and emergency dental care free of charge.

PRSI Patients:

The Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme allows all patients with PRSI cover access to an annual dental examination free of charge. Our staff will be happy to assist you in verifying your cover under the scheme if you can provide us with your PPS number.

Private Treatments;

A list of fees is available from reception for treatments that the practice offers on a private basis. Costly treatments such as crowns, bridges etc attract tax relief at 20% on completion of a MED 2 form which is available at the surgery. This tax relief can provide a considerable discount to patients eg;

A crown costs 650 Euro. Tax Relief is allowable at 20% which gives the patient a saving of 130 Euro and reduces the treatment cost to 520 Euro.

Click Here For a Full List of Fee’s and Dental Plans

For your convenience we accept Cash, Cheque and the following cards