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Our Fee’s

KMCG Dental Practice Fee Scale


Routine Items

Dental Health Check and Oral Cancer Screening €25

Scale and Polish €50

Scale and Polish (With PRSI Cover Once Yearly)        €10

Child Exam and Polish €35

Hygienist Visit €75

Prescription €30

Sports guard/Night guard €100


Amalgam (silver fillings)

Simple Filling (1 surface) €80

Multiple Surfaces €85


Composite (white fillings on front teeth)

Simple Filling (1 surface) €80

Multiple Surfaces €85


Composite (white fillings on back teeth)

Simple Filling (1 surface) €100

Multiple Surfaces €110


Temporary Dressing €45


Surgical Treatments

Simple extraction €80

Surgical Extraction €130





Root canal Treatments

Anterior Teeth (includes filling) €300

Premolar Teeth (includes filling) €350

Molar Teeth (includes filling) €450


Full (Complete) Denture in Acrylic €400

Full Upper and Lower Set in Acrylic €750

Partial Denture Acrylic (Up to 3 teeth) €300

Partial Denture Acrylic (4 or more teeth) €350

Partial Denture (Chrome Cobalt) €700

Denture Repairs €80


Crown and Bridge

Crowns (Porcelain) €650

Post and Core Crown €750

Temporary Crown €100

Bridge (3 units) €1950

Bridge (4 units) €2300

Maryland Adhesive Bridge €900

Refix of Crown/Bridge €50


Tooth Whitening

Tray Whitening €195

Refill Bleaching agent (4 Syringes) €70


*Medical Card patients are entitled to a free examination and two fillings annually. Extractions, prescriptions can also be provided free. Dentures and root canal tree on front teeth can be provided on an approval basis.


*PRSI patients are entitled to a free examination annually


*X-rays are free of charge