Dental Treatments

We provide a full range of dental treatments for children and adults.


We recommend a dental examination twice a year to check on the health of your mouth. When carrying out an examination your dentist will check not just your teeth, but also the condition of any fillings, dentures, crowns etc. that you may have. An important element of the dental examination is also the screening of the mouth for oral cancer.

Scaling & Polishing

We aim to provide dental cleaning for all our patients at least twice a year. It is important to have a professional dental cleaning regularly to maintain the health of your teeth and gums and prevent the development of gum disease.

Hygienist Service

The practice offers a hygienist service for patients requiring specialist cleaning of their teeth and gums. Our hygienists are trained to carry out deep cleaning for our patients and will strive to ensure the comfort of our patients throughout. The hygienist will also work with the patient in helping them attain a good level of home care and can advise patients on the best oral hygiene products for their individual needs.


Traditional filling materials (amalgams) are available at the practice and our dentists are also skilled at the placement of the more aesthetic, white fillings (composites). We will assure that our fillings meet the aesthetic demands of our patients and discuss the range of filling options available.

Root Canal Treatment

This treatment is often required for badly broken down teeth or those that are causing intense pain and infection. The treatment is usually carried over two visits and is an effective way of avoiding dental extractions and retaining your teeth and hence your smile.

Oral Surgery/Extractions

On occasion teeth with deep tooth decay or those that are infected or seriously compromised by gum disease will need to be removed. Our dentists are trained in the removal of teeth routinely and also in the surgical removal of teeth. We always ensure the comfort of our patients during such procedures and will help any anxious or nervous patients through their treatment


The surgery offers a speedy service for denture repairs and we can also help patients who are new denture wearers or those that have problems with their existing dentures. We can provide our patients with comfortable, aesthetic dentures at affordable prices.

Restorative Dentistry

Through crowns, bridges, veneers and implants we can restore your smile and give you back that lost confidence. Our dentists will assess your dental problems and provide you with solutions through treatment you can afford.

Tooth Whitening

For those that are unhappy with their tooth colour or who dream of a brighter smile, tooth whitening can make all the difference. The surgery offers the traditional home kits (tray whitening) or a single visit whitening (Zoom whitening).

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